Time for an Adventure

Hello! My name is Sue and this a blog of my sailing adventures with my husband Lawrence (the invisible one..) on our sailing catamaran Pentesilea.


This website will probably look a right pickle but as I expect readership to be very limited indeed that’s OK too! I have called it “not just blue” as I hope to add something of interest beyond just beautiful blue seas and skies.

I have a personal checklist in one of my notebooks of “why we are doing this” and in case it isn’t blindingly obvious the list goes like this.

  • Choices. Sell up in the UK and give up work or carry on? (I do struggle with the word “retire”) ..anyone who knows me understands why the latter was not a good option. Say no more.
  • There are lots of reasons why it’s a good time to put it all into the pension pot for now, take ourselves away and live cheap and free for a while.
  • Time to learn something new. Together.
  • Things to talk about when we are old.
  • I have often pretended to be an adventurous person – time to call my own bluff!

I am a bit late starting so I may back track somewhat too. Hope you enjoy it!




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